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Jumbo's VIP Experience

$1,750 per month (requires a one-year contract)

Only 18 VIP Experiences available in total


  • 2 Membership++ accounts (unlimited play, no court fees)

  • 1 of 18 wall banners (placement is Jumbo's choice & while availability lasts)

    • approximately 20x5 ft in size 

  • 1 summer 1/2 day use of facility for team building activities, wellness, meeting 

  • 12 guest passes per year for employees, customers, etc. 

  • 2 invitations (plus guest) to the exclusive & 1st annual Jumbo's Founders party

  • 2 Jumbo's Pickleball sweatshirts and 2 t-shirts

  • All employees in your company receive 

    • 10% off Jumbo's branded merchandise

    • 10% off monthly membership fees

A la Carte Add On's

No experience is complete without the perks; from renting the facility to, what the heck, naming the entire building.

Add Ons

Marque Banner - $2200/mo

The largest representation of your company, posted on the west wall of the building.  10x20 feet and draped over the courts for all to see. Only 2 available for purchase in total.


Court Naming Rights - $1980/mo

Make the court yours for the next year. Your logo all over one of the nine professional grade courts at Jumbo's.  For example, Ct. 4 is now called the "enter your company name here" court!


Industry Exclusivity - $1490/mo

We aren't catering to just anyone. This exposure can be exclusive to just you and only you.  Protect your brand from competition and make sure no other firm from your industry advertises at Jumbo's.


Additional Banner - $1100/mo

You get to choose the placement for this second banner (while availability lasts).  This is the same size as the main banners, 20x5 ft.  Make sure you are noticed more than any other company with this option.

Image by Debby Hudson

Privately Coded Lockers - $777/mo

Imagine having the right and control of private lockers but displayed on your own court.  This option includes 8 privately coded lockers with your company name and logo displayed on front. (Only available for naming rights customers)

Image by Giorgio Trovato

More Memberships - $981/mo

This is a 10% discount on additional memberships for your employees or friends.  Sold in groups of 5 and prepaid for 12 months, this option gives the gift of pickleball for those serious enthusiasts.  

Ticket Graphic_edited.jpg

Guest Passes - $7.99 each

Sold by the hour, we encourage all companies to preorder guest passes to hand out to customers, employees, and friends of your firm.  We will make sure that they all have a great time learning or mastering this great sport.


Facility Rental - $4000 each

Get the whole team out for pickleball and make sure your company culture, team spirit, and ability to produce is kept at the highest level.  Enjoy an entire day of pickleball.  Includes staff servers, pickleball pros for instruction, and facility rental.

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